Máquinas Agrícolas - Varejador Azeitona Oliviero


  • Wide penetration into the depth of the plant
  • No damages to the tree and to the fruits
  • Low noise and no pollution
  • No vibrations and very well balanced
  • No maintenance and no dangerous at all
  • High productivity, up to 80 kg/hour
  • Very reasonable consumption

OLIVIERO ....is a whipper for olive trees with high mechanical performance which allows an extensive penetration in the thick of any sort of plant (without risk of damage) combined with high productivity, up to 80kg /hour, although it makes use of a low power requirment.

More results are obtained:

  • low noise
  • no pollution
  • low consumption
  • no maintenance
  • low vibration
  • no danger.

It can be fed either with 12 or /24 volts, or connect it to your battery in your car or tractor and it will recharge in 15 minutes. You can also leave it on a charger overnight. Built with high tech and advanced materials, it is so handy and light (2.2kg) that anyone can use

  • Standard total length 2.5Mt
  • Length with extension up to 4Mt
  • Swinging fingers N° 6
  • Swinging fingers length 40Cm
  • Mean input current 12 Volt - 4Amp.
  • Mean input current 24 Volt - 2Amp.
  • Standard cable length 25Mt
  • Weight 2kg.

Standard electronic control for:

  • Universal power supply 12/24 Volt
  • Swinging frequency stabilisation
  • Overload limit