Equipamentos de Elevação - Estabilizadores MaxisTab


  • Next Hydraulics supplies many of the worlds knuckleboom manufacturers with their Maxistab Auxiliary Outriggers:

         ◦ Terex       ◦ HMF        ◦  Palfinger
         ◦ Effer        ◦ Hiab

  • Military contracts are also seeing the advantage to purchasing directly through NH Cranes for their supplemental outrigger needs.  Applications include:

    • missile launchers

    • heavy equipment removal

    • and all applications requiring supplemental outriggers.

  • Maxistab builds outriggers starting at 6’ all the way up to 27’

Design Considerations

  • The crane lifting moment mentioned in this catalog is to be considered only as a preliminary guide please contact NH Cranes to determine the model that is best suited to your application.
  • The choice is to be made according to the maximum  crane lifting moment, the spread of its stabilizers and the distance  from column to the supplementary outriggers.
  • If supplementary outriggers are used as main crane stabilizers, you have to consider a capacity reduced of 50%.
  • Consult our Technical Department in order to know the max. force allowed for each stabilizer model, as well as to get clarifications concerning different applications.

Main features

  • Reduced weight outriggers are  achieved by using modern fine-grained steels with a high elastic limit.
  • Structural elements calculated according to DIN 15018 Norms and exceed all ANSI requirements.
  • Stabilizer legs adjustable at different heights without carrying out any welding on the leg itself.
  • Serial mounted tilting foot plates on biggest models.
  • Manual Side extensions require little  effort  to extend with the assistance of guide wheels, and equipped with double locking system, one manual and one automatic.
  • Compact overall dimensions allow for easy installation on the vehicles
  • Easy and accessible plant, side extension systems installed only inside the structure.
  • Several versions and high product completeness level producing an actual saving of time and costs for installation.

Accessories, Paint and Shipment

  • Paint :rust-proof bi-component epoxy primer, black color.
  • Lock valves conform to European Norms concerning outrigger cylinders, hydraulic plant with pipes and hoses already mounted and connected.
  • Double-acting lock valves for all series 2-3-4-5-6 and 7.
  • Stabilizers are shipped on wood pallets for easy movement and safe transportation.
  • Stabilizers equipped with CE - Conformity Declaration and exceed all ANSI specifications, envelope contains instructions for cylinders adjusting in height, warning, and danger decal kit.